Done Right by Daniel is about making things better, by bringing simplified solutions to every day life.


I bring all of my experience, knowledge, and skills to the table with one simple goal in mind:
How do we make this simple for the end-user?

No matter the size or scope of your project, i'm here to make all of it as simple and streamlined as it can be. 

I began my work in residential construction at 15 years old as a Contractors helper. As green as a newly grown leaf, I caught on fast by listening, paying attention, and following directions to the letter. 
At 18, I was hired on at a state-run facility to work in the maintenance department of a large college campus. I was laid off almost a year later due to budget cutbacks.
At 19, I was working with a contractor, and taking on some jobs of my own.
By 20, I was working almost completely for myself.
At 21, I took on my first contract worth $10,000 or more; I completed it ahead of schedule and under budget.
For four years I built, remodeled, renovated, repaired, and/or improved peoples houses, garages, barns, decks, patios, basements, attics, and just about anything else you could build. 
Inside of that four years, I amassed and ran a crew of over 200 people to flip more than 500 houses inside a two-year period.
I was the third man on a 100+ unit subdivision project, resposible for ensuring all materials were ordered and on-site, ready to work, when needed.
I was then hired as the second man on a 100+ unit subdivision project, handling all materials as above, PLUS, scheduling and managing all of the subcontractors throughout the project.
I took some time off from construction to explore other areas of life, learn how to better manage my business, and see what else I enjoyed doing. 
I was brought back to construction as a residential handyman, literally falling back into it, and i've been doing that as a side hustle ever since.
I spent two years working in Wind Turbine Technology, but when a back injury took me off Turbines, I gathered up the pieces and started a new adventure, Done Right by Daniel.
Bringing all of me to the table, I am your best resource for ensuring your construction project is being handled with Quality, Value, and Integrity, from start to finish.