Construction Management

"If you don't know where you are going. How can you expect to get there?" ~ Basil S. Walsh 

It's been said that 'life itself is but a project to manage, made up of many smaller projects, to be managed', and I believe it!

I manage my projects per the standard Construction Management Processes. I start with reviewing all of the documents needed for construction: Plans, Contract, Estimate/bid sheet, and anything else promised to the customer.

Then I check or create a schedule, starting at the contract end date if there is one, and working backwards.

From there, it's all about Scopes of Work where needed, then I'm reviewing all my bids and turning some of them into Subcontracts.

Once I have all of my scopes subcontracted, I'm simply managing all the pieces, handling RFI's, conducting regular progress meetings, making regular site visits, and documenting everything along the way.


Construction Management Includes:

Project Management:

You gather some of your buddies and charter a boat to do some off shore fishing. You figure out which company to use, who you want to go along with you, how big a boat you'll need, how long you can afford to be out fishing, what kind of fish you want to catch, book the trip, and then get everything together to go enjoy some fishing!

On the big day you gather up at the correct dock, meet the Captain and crew, have a dock meeting, load and stow your gear, and then get underway to the fishing spot.

Once you're there, you cast out your lines, catch some fish, have a good time of it all, enjoy a long, hot, salty, but rewarding day, and then make your back to the dock.

Once you're back, you unload, sort out what goes where, go get yourself cleaned up, rejoin your family, and gather round for a fresh fish dinner with all the trimmings.


Project Recovery:

Almost the same as Project Management, however, once you get out into the ocean, you find yourself surrounded by sharks circling the boat, the crew is already drunk, the Captain passes out, the engine catches on fire, and one of the drunk crew shoots at one of the sharks, but misses, leaving a hole in the floor of the boat. What do you do first?

"When it all falls apart, step back, let the pieces fall where they may, and breathe. Then, get back to work, and take your newly-earned wisdom with you." - Daniel

Project Recovery is it's own special arena inside the construction world, and brings along with it a new set of challenges and obstacles. I've found that my unique blend of knowledge, experience, analysis, and attention to detail allows me to walk into a terrible mess, and walk out with a plan of attack, which, when executed, leads to a finely finished project.

If your project should fall apart, and you don't know who to talk to next, talk to me, and i'll help you get back on the right path to a completed project.


Production Management:

Managing the day-to-day workload of the Production Division as a whole. 
In this role, I focus on ensuring the company resources are being utlizied as efficiently as possible to ensure all active projects are being kept current, and moving forward.