'In Carpentry, we do not bring the wood to life, it was already alive. We simply honor the life of the wood by giving it our best, as it has already done for us'.

As a carpenter, I procure, size, shape, plane, join, place, or otherwise manipulate wood into the desired project, places, or plans as desired.

I can perform:

Rough Carpentry:

Framing; Walls, subfloors, and roof decks for houses, sheds, or other buildings.

Shelving, pegboard, slatwall, and other types of board material.

Finish Carpentry:

Install Trim; Window and Door Casing, Baseboards, Crown molding, Chair Railing, and other types of trim as needed.

Set or hang cabinets; Base, wall, specialty, and other.

Create or build custom wood products.


For the Professionals:

I also offer production cut and saw-man services with a complete saw station setup.

Use the Contact form, and provide as much detail as you're comfortable with.


Table saw, Double bevel and miter saw, with stands;

Circular, jig, reciprocating, and oscillating saws;

Trim router, hole saws, and other accessories.

Clean, precise, and accurate cuts and holes in the most efficient manner possible.




Why put off to tomorrow what we could be getting done today?


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