Quality estimates help your project start on track, with a realistic schedule, budget, and work plan.

As an Estimator, I walk the project and gather all the details needed to provide a comprehensive estimate that includes labor, materials, equipment, site, and scheduling needs.



How many man hours of labor are we going to need? 
Do we need more than one person for any part or piece of the project?
Will it be more effective to hire many, or fewer, people?


Also known as 'Materials Take Offs'. 
How much of what kind of materials do we need?
Where will they come from?
How will we get them to site?
Where will they be stored on site?


What kind of equipment will we need?
Where will it come from, how will it get to site, and who will operate it?

Site needs

Do we need any special items for site?
Porta johns?
Barricades, fencing, or other site access controls?
Marking or locating prior to digging?


When can this work be scheduled?
What factors influence scheduling?
How long will the project take?





Why put off to tomorrow what we could be getting done today?


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